A small device for a person, but a huge step for humanity.

During the day, we do not remember our dreams just as we do not see the dark side of the moon. In a dream, we do not remember what happens to us during the day, just as it is impossible to see the Earth from the other side of the Moon.

Our brain separates the two dimensions of life, but it is in our power to restore it.

Patented by Deep.
Vivid dreams

During sleep, the part of the brain responsible for the habitual memorization of information is inactive. The deep.r Cube generates weak impulses of an electric field at a frequency of 8 to 30 Hz, stimulating parts of the limbic system of the brain. Because of this stimulation our ability to memorize dreams becomes better and our dreams become more vivid.
a sense of security

The impulses that the deep.r Cube forms are similar in their characteristics to natural electromagnetic waves of natural origin.

To understand how safe the deep.r Cube is, take a look below at the table with the radiation of modern smartphones compared to our product.

Electromagnetic energy level SAR * (where more is worse)

Samsung Galaxy A31
iPhone X
Xiaomi Mi 10

*SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) - determines how much electromagnetic energy a person received in one second

Let’s sleep on it

Our body sleeps at night, but not our brain. It is constantly thinking. Dreaming is an invaluable resource of our brain that we have forgotten about. Vivid emotions, scientific discoveries, creative impulses - everything disappears with the sound of the alarm clock.

Rene Descartes

System of axes

Giordano Bruno

Many planetary systems

Elias Howe

Sewing machine

Friedrich Kekule

Benzene ring

Albert Einstein


Niels Bohr

The planetary model of the atom

Frederick Bunting


Paul McCartney

Song Yesterday

The deep.r Cube operates just like the deep.n Cube, it helps not only to increase the vividness and memorability of dreams, but also prepares the body for awakening without the help of an alarm.