Customize the cube and get the best sleep using the app
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The deep up application is compatible with the deep.n and deep.r versions of the Cube and is available at AppStore and Google Play.

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deep up.

your sleep - your rules.

Set the wake-up time and the cube will adapt to you.

deep up
an account
your deep.n
the desired
wake-up time
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phone with app
phone with app
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Without application Deep Up, the sleep program will work for 9 hours. Setting the wake up time will change your experience completely. The best effect is achieved at the moment when deep.n Cube's highest impulse frequencies coincides with your wake up time.

double touch
to start

It is no longer needed to reach for the Cube before falling asleep. You can start the sleep program with two touches from your smartphone.

all settings
are in hand

Change the intensity of exposure to enhance the effect at a larger distance. Set the vibration signal to silent mode if you do not want to wake your loved ones.

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Sleep program

deep.n Cube sleep program3


Just a sleep

The optimal combination of latency, deep sleep and gradual awakening. Recommended duration is at least 6 hours.

The sleep program is based on the patented algorithm of the changing frequencies of electromagnetic impulses during the night. It allows you to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, wake up less often at night, and also feel cheerful in the morning when you get up.

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1 deepOne - your personal profile for all deep services and subscriptions.
2 The deep up mobile app is universal for all devices and is compatible with deep.n and deep.r Cubes.
3 The basic program for the Die En cube and the program "Just a sleep" in the deep ap application coincide.

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